5 SEO Video Strategies That Boost Your Website’s Value

How can people pay attention to your videos? In this article, I will show you five basic ways to optimize your search engine – an old question that has existed for so long and many people want to know about it. This article is my first article in the series on SEO for video.

There are many creative ideas about SEO. Although the methods to get you to the best position in a search results page are not clear, optimization in the search engines is definitely not a vague proposition.

In fact, in order to implement good SEO, you do not always have to put in complicated methods. And it’s not a special skill. Look at Google, they give the exact results to what you are looking for. The secret here is the optimization of consistency. In this tutorial, you will learn about the SEO methods that are good and suitable for your video projects.

If you apply it correctly, many people will visit your site to watch videos, creating better interaction between you and your customers. If you apply the wrong way, you will waste your resources, the videos will become useless and occupy position on your site. In this tutorial, I will talk about strategies. Then I will talk more about the specific SEO tactics for video.

The Strategies and the Tactics

a. The Strategy:

You need a clear goal. Maybe your goal is entertainment, or business, or advertising, or education. Whatever that goal is, you need to plan and strategy to do it.

Strategy is a complete plan: It will include the elements that you must perform to achieve your ultimate goal. It will consist of two parts: one is your true purpose and two are the methods that you will use to achieve these goals.

You will have to list the most important things in your strategy. It will help you know what you will do in the next step, what is good and what is not good. Strategy is also a way for you to monitor and optimize your work progress, helping you make certain assessments during the work process.

b. The Tactics:

Tactics are a part of your strategy. Video is a good example: it’s a method that you use. SEO is also a tactic: you use SEO to optimize your video. In short, tactics are the specific actions you take to achieve your goals in strategy.

Tactics are a part of strategy. You can use a single strategy or combine many tactics together to achieve your goal. Tactics may vary depending on the situation and the progress of the plan. It is affected by a lot of things like your financial ability, your resources and new innovations, the changes you want.

1. Focus on the Most Important to your customers

When a customer watches a video, they can learn it or ignore it. The thing you need to know is that the video is not connected to certain audiences, and there may be many out-of-bounds scenarios.

First, you need to know your audience’s desire to perform SEO work for your videos. Once you have a good understanding of the customer, you will have your own insights: “This thing will be in my video.” You can ask your customers directly what they want, what they need.

The Desire of customers

Search engines will display the content that people want. If people like video then you need to make the video they want to watch.

Your customers will have many types and will have different attitudes when they watch your video. As you can see, Hollywood and advertisers are always doing group research before launching new products or new films. Maybe we are not big enough, but you can collect your audience’s opinion about the type of video they want to see. You can use Facebook or Twitter or a community group on the internet to do this.

Most people will not fully understand the meaning you want to convey in your videos. Besides, they do not really know what they want to see. So, sometimes they will give the reviews and the comments are very difficult to understand. This is a very important part to keep in mind: Answer customer questions. Make the answers clear, accurate and realistic.

Sometimes, you will not need video, and that is normal. Sometimes video is very necessary (right time and right audience), but sometimes it is not really necessary. And if you are in this case, look for something else to replace the video.

In other words, you need to understand the customer and find out what their needs are, whether they need your video or not. In my opinion, videos are supposed to connect your message with your viewers quickly and efficiently. In addition, it is the foundation of other SEO methods.

2. Focus on the Most Important to You

Once you have some content that people want to see then you can start listing your priorities. Phil Nottingham offered the following benefits:

In my view, there are 3 functions for videos from an SEO perspective:

The ranking, the traffic and the conversions.

The brand impressions and the notoriety.

The links.

Choose one of these and focus on it. Of course there will be overlaps, and if you are smart then you can get good results (this also depends on your ability). But usually you can not have it all. Please choose a way.

Video and Trust: Traffic, Ranking and Conversions

This type of video is usually about instructional videos, tests, reviews, and lectures … When you want to sell something, use this type of video to advertise your product. Once your customers agree to watch your video, they are excited about it and it’s easy for you to direct them to the next action.

There are many ways to create this kind of video, but all have the same purpose: increasing the interactivity and value of the site. The key to creating good effects for this type of video is to rank high on search pages, increasing traffic to smooth video streaming, no lag. In addition, videos of the type often have to be combined with other methods to bring the best effect.

Video for Notoriety

This type of video is intended to make an impression on the customer, not the kind of video that will bring the view count or help you direct customers to other actions.

Ranking is not important to this type of video. Its purpose is to maintain the interest of the viewer. It strikes the emotions, the imagination, the humor, the surprises or the conflicts, the controversy … Its ultimate goal is to connect you with your customers.

When you make this type of video, what you want to focus on are views, sharing on media channels, and comments and discussions. The results of this type of video are difficult to determine, but this is a valuable tool.

Video for Links

According to Nottingham: “People often do video in two ways – either link to a video worthy of the video or embed it on their own site / blog. The approach is stacked, but this is a fitting addition to content that you can embed and share. “

Basically, this strategy makes your resources always available and easy to share. Each time your customers share, the search results of your video will increase. In my opinion, this strategy is really good. With conflicting videos, creating debates and keeping viewers on your site is a great way.

3. Focus on the Important to Your Robot – Audience

It’s All About Clarity and Context

In the video, you can convey a lot of information. However, search engines can not understand your video. You need to create link points for your video. Who are you talking about?

Search engines require you to provide this information in a complex and predictable way, and that is not easy. In order to publish your video, you need to make the search engines understand your video.

Your goal is to give the search engines clear information that your site has, show the data you have and the value of it.

4. Make Internet Video (Not TV on The Internet)

TV has long assumed the function of video on the internet. However, from the perspective of SEO, these assumptions do not work well.

Internet video has its own characteristics. Online video is not linear. You can perform some customizations such as video acceleration, video retraction, video rewind, video replay … change the time as you like. And this is a remarkable feature over the TV. Your experience watching Internet videos will be different than the experience when you watch a video on your TV.

Among the strengths of video on the Internet, there are two main features that affect SEO. First, the video is embedded. That means you can always put it on your website. Secondly, videos on the internet have more content and more context. Other than TV, video on the internet is for creative purposes and SEO.

5. Build Good Flow 

The final strategy in this article is simple, but it is also a great challenge for you: consistency.

As you make videos, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. As I said, your audience will not change. If you do not have the ability to combine SEO methods with video creation, especially if you are on a tight deadline, you will focus better on methods other than video.

If you want to include video in your plan, even though your budget is limited, work slower. That’s a very interesting way to do it: With limited budgets, you’ll do everything at a comfortable pace and with no pressure. There should be many ideas and practices to do well in putting video into SEO strategies. If you make the video slowly, you will have more time to work better, you will be free to come up with new ideas, change plans to make things better.

In addition, video has another advantage. You will be very easy to replace and refresh the video online on your website. If your video is not performing well, refresh it or replace it.



Top 15 Best eCommerce Website Templates of 2017.

When you have business needs but do not have enough money to open a store, online sales are always the best option. By creating your own online shop, you will easily reach new customers through the internet.

Using an online store (Ecommerce functionality) is a very effective way to advertise your business online to a lot of new customers. The advantage of this is that you will reach customers from a variety of geographic locations, which will be of great help in developing your business.

(If you are interested, I also have an article about 9 extremely useful tips that you should use for your ecommerce website.)

However, it is important to note that designing an online store is extremely important. It will make an impression at first sight of the customer. Therefore, you need to design your shop beautiful, so eye-catching and make customers right click on what you are doing business.

In the field of e-commerce, whether you are a business owner or a professional designer, using a top-notch site template will help you a lot in creating websites, online stores.

When selecting eCommerce site templates for your business, you should consider some important features to see which template is right for you and provide the best experience for your customers. These features include:

  • Responsive and mobile friendly design.
  • Template that allows for featured product images.
  • Cart that automatically updates.
  • Customizable design options.
  • Product variation features.
  • Customer support included.

In this article, I will introduce you to 15 best ecommerce website templates. These are all new templates created in 2017. These website templates are perfectly suited to eCommerce stores. You will have the features you need to create your online store (or your customers) with great designs or even features you have never seen before. From here you can introduce your product to the internet and there will be more customers to view your website.

1. iOne: Drag & Drop Minimal Shopify Theme

The first is iOne. This is a great theme with the impression of sophistication and simplicity! iOne has over twelve very detailed demos and lots of layout variations. It also integrates Instagram (one of the largest social networks in the world), AJAX cart, wishlist, Flexslider, automatic search function, popup (mini banner)…

Link Reference

2. Porto: Ultimate eCommerce Magento Theme

Porto is a Magento template with 18 different homepage layouts. In it the layouts have been pre-designed and complete. Your product can be displayed in a variety of sizes and formats such as grid or column, two to eight individual pages and pages that can attract your visitors with a gorgeous slideshow or horizontal background.

In addition, Porto has other features such as allowing you to select unlimited colors, integrate with Google Fonts, product pages that allow adding multiple images, 3D design options and more than 300 options. in the admin panel. Design easy-to-use interface so you can quickly use Porto and open your online store.

Link Reference

3. Journal: Advanced Opencart Theme

Jounar is an OpenCart template with lots of customizable options that give you complete control over your store (over 2000 options). This is a template that can be used to design in both simple and sophisticated style or complex and handy, depending on your needs and type of business.

In the Journal, you can create Main Menu and small menus within it with different functions such as best-selling products, products with the most comments, products are discounted … Journal also includes custom unlimited colors, besides changing the skin of the website to create your own style.

Link Reference

4. Ultimo: Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

Ultimo is a premium Magento theme with an admin tool that allows you to customize almost anything in your online shop. It has a very user-friendly interface, easy-to-use, and fully customizable.

It fits every type of store and optimizes for SEO. Ultimo has unlimited color and font options, beautiful images and galleries, multiple menu layers, custom views for different product and more.

Link Reference

5. Warehouse: Responsive Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7 Theme

Warehouse is a Prestashop theme that meets the needs of advanced customizations such as animations, clean carts, sliders and more. The repository is based on the Bootstrap framework, which makes your site look good on a variety of devices.

Besides, other Warehouse features, such as the theme editor, allow you to control and change the design of the store, the ability to view each product page without spending time reloading the page, autocomplete search, blog module, countdown module (for promotion), product label and more.

Link Reference

6. Ella: Responsive Shopify Template (Sections Ready)

Ella is a beautiful Shopify template with large banners that can showcase your most unique products to attract the attention of customers and then they will enter yourwebsite to view your other products.

Ella includes a special catalog module to display all the products at the same time, the product can be filtered (filter by manufacturer, price …), integrates with Google Fonts, color options and unlimited style. Ella also allows you to add custom icons and links for social media, payment options, product images and support for Google Rich Snippets.

At the top of the Ella is a product slider that is related to the consumer product being viewed as well as the slider for the recently viewed product, which increases the likelihood of buying additional other products from customers.

Link Reference

7. YourStore: Shopify Theme

The 7th place is YourStore template template. The name is also known as the template for online stores. YourStore is a Shopify template available in response to Retina, which has 12 different layouts; the product page can be modified into 3 different designs; the page lists 8 designs, six layout footers and header has 7 designs. These features offer many customizations and unique layouts. This is a great option for those who want to create an online store that outperforms their competitors.

YurStore features include a pop-up with unlimited color, Instagram integration, product name, countdown module (for event), beautiful hover effect for product images, product reviews (for viewer), wishlist, blog option, contact, company information. In addition, Yourstore also supports RTL for languages and SEO optimization.

Link Reference

8. Fastest: Magento 2.2.0 Themes & Magento 1 Theme

Fastest is a new Magento web template created in 2016 to not only create superior design, but also optimize the load time of the web. It includes 10 demo pages for your product that are uniquely designed and many options for categories and products.

Fastest has a lot of great features. You can display multiple banner ads (with the accompanying customer testimonials) to ensure product quality for new customers. You can also edit unlimited colors and fonts, category pages, social networking integration, multi-layered designs, vertical mega menus, filters with multiple production options, pricing… and more.

Link Reference

9. Fastor: Multipurpose Modern Opencart Theme

Fastor is a modern OpenCart template with a wealth of unique settings. Modules and product introductions are optimized to allow you to create a fast online store. Highlights of Fastor is the ability to manage multiple stores at the same time with a single tool (this is very convenient for system administrators). Fastor is also based on Bootstrap to make sure your site is accessible from any device.

In addition, Fastor has other features such as allowing you to change the design of your own store, multiple color schemes, multiple fonts, 67 skin available, hover effect, product page, add more images for 1 product and much more.

Link Reference

10. Market: Premium Responsive Magento 2 and 1.9 Store Theme

Market is a versatile Magento template that meets all your needs and fits into any type of store. MArket is integrated with various Magento extensions such as SM Camera Slider, Mega Mega Menu, SM Tab List, SM Directory…

Market has eight layouts with different home pages, unlimited color options and multiple font support. Market has four types of headlines with stunning slideshows and fast product views, Rich Snippet support, customizable static blocks, and a multi-format search feature that allows customers to quickly find products by entering the product name or description directly or the product price.

Link Reference

11. Everything: Creative Magento Fashion Store

Everything is a site dedicated to insurance templates updated in 2016. The templates include different designs such as creativity, uniqueness, flat design, material design, cleanliness, elegance, simplicity, compactness, elegance, modernity, prominence, eye-catching … all that makes Everything suitable for any kind of ecommerce website.

Everything is a bundle consisting of 11 designs. You can customize different types of stores such as fashion, games, electronics, applications and other types. All designs meet beautiful images, advanced customization features so that users can create individual designs and more.

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12. Intenso: Advanced Magento Theme

Intenso is an on-demand Magento template, based on Foundation Foundation Intenso. Intenso has powerful customization options and advanced features that make it stand out from the competition.

Intenso’s features include unlimited color combinations and fonts, built-in icons for you, and navigation menus designed to be relevant and useful to mobile users. Other features include Google Rich Snippets, product gallery, and pinch-to-zoom feature to zoom in images.

Link Reference

13. Panda: Responsive Prestashop Theme

13 is Panda. This is a modern, sophisticated and professional Prestashop template. Panda has an optimized design for touch devices.

Panda has designs that include unlimited header and footer layouts, multiple color modes for you to choose from, gorgeous parallel sections, icons, fonts and Google integration. On top of that, Panda is optimized for SEO and retina-ready.

Link Reference

14. Luxury: Premium Fashion Magento Theme

Luxury is a flexible but simple Magento template. Blogs, catalogs, storage locations and display pages are neatly designed. Luxury has more than seven predefined layouts to create the look of luxury. In addition, the built-in composer allows you to customize your layout quickly. Luxury also displays very beautiful when viewed on a mobile phone.

Other Luxury features include multiple title options, daily deals, bulletin boards, banners, customer testimonials, product sliders, and a variety of colors.

Link Reference

15. Comohos: Multipurpose Premium OpenCart 2.2 – 2.3

15 is Comohos. This is a versatile OpenCart template that can be customized to create a store of your choice. Comohos has 28 custom designs for different parts. Comohos also has FontAwesome icons, unlimited color options, advanced theme options, product names, can be filtered in many ways, Super Daily Deals Pro, attractive slider, add multiple images for a product and more.

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With the use of these templates, you will save a lot of time to create a store online for your business. Besides, it also fully meet your needs in the design of images, colors… to the advanced support features. If you make good use of these advantages, you can creat a great commercial website and impress your customers.

Also, I would like to highlight the 9 extremely tips that you should use for your useful ecommerce website.

9 Extremely Useful Tips That You Should Use For Your eCommerce Website

When building an eCommerce site, it is important that it is really beautiful and eye-catching to impress the customer at first sight. However, the features and usability in your website should also be designed to fit and feel comfortable for the customer. Here are some very helpful tips to help you create the best eCommerce site.

1. Include a FAQ Section

No matter what your store type or design is, there will always be questions from customers about your products or services. Create a separate page on this issue or add it to a section of the Menu page and navigate to it. This will help you a lot when customers are demanding to buy products but they need more information.

2. Add a Live Chat Widget

Live Chat Widget is a very important feature. It helps customers feel familiar and feel that they are well cared for when visiting your site. In some cases, your staff will give direct advice to customers through this feature. From there, customers will be more likely to buy your product.

3. Clearly Label Your Sale Section

Recent research shows that most online shoppers are interested in the “separate section of products on sale.” Create a group containing all your on-sale products together in one section and place it right on your homepage so customers can see it the fastest.

4. Include a Search Box

In fact, most visitors to e-commerce website, customers click on Search to find the product they want. Put this Search in a good place to look and build it a variety of filters such as search by manufacturer, by product name, by price, search for HOT items, search for products that are promoting…

5. Use Customer Browsing History for Personalization

Understanding the needs of customers is extremely important in e-commerce. Build an admin tool that you can use to see data such as customer access locations, traffic sources, customers who buy and what pages they are interested in can improve customer service and improve your sales.

6. Add Big and Beautiful Images

Images are always important and leave a strong impression on customers. Make product images or create banners for your ongoing promotions for your customers to know. But the following two things to note: the image and banner should be large, clear text, easy to read and most important is that it must be beautiful.

7. Insert Clear and Compelling Call to Actions

If images on your site have attracted customers. Then you succeeded step 1. Continue to direct them to step 2 by giving specific information that the next action of the customer after viewing the image is what. This is called call-to-action.

8. Incorporate Customer Reviews

The comments of the people who bought your product is always the information that new customers are interested in. They will rely on them to look at and even trust the comments, so they will decide whether to buy your product or not. If there are bad comments, do not hesitate to show it, because no one product is perfect for everyone. And if a product does not have a bad comment, maybe the customer even thinks you are trying to hide it. However, it is wise to leave these bad comments at the end of the comment section.

9. Have a Clear Shipping and Return Policy

This is the last and possibly the most important step that affects the customer’s purchase decision. Please note the information about your shipping and return policy. This clarity and transparency will build customer trust for your website. And this will turn them into your loyal customers.


The 9 tips above are very important. Build your site beautiful and impressive, and of course your site must have the full 9 tips on. If you are hesitant to start creating an e-commerce site. Take a look at my Top 15 Best eCommerce Website Templates of 2017 articles.