9 very reliable sources of information about the design trend

Updating new trends gradually become part of the daily work of the designer. When you embark on a project, you need reliable and quality referrals to find ideas as well as update new trends from designers from around the world. With the “experienced” designers, they also have some familiar addresses to constantly update the new design trend. With the newbies “feet wet mouth” into the profession is still not shaping the style, the following site will be the “trusted friend” to help you expand the vision, catch up the new swap of the design

1. Pinterest

Link: https://www.pinterest.com

The first site I would like to introduce to you in today’s article is Pinterest. This is a social networking website, post and classified as “board” with photo (or needle). Users create and manage photo collections on a variety of topics, according to events, interests, etc. Users can view other people’s collections, then drag and drop them into their collections. Pinterest also connects to most social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ … In addition, Pinterest also allows you to “Like” photos of other people.

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2. Dribbble

Link: https://dribbble.com

The second site is Dribbble. This is a community of designers in many different fields. A web designer, graphic designer, illustrator, or logo artist, printer, logo designer, or artist in various creative fields … they share a photo of the work. , the image of the creative process as well as the projects they perform.

Dribbble is a place for designers to share their design stories – their creations, their own PR, as well as where newbies are exploring impressive designs. Dribbble is considered an important social network for anyone interested in the design, where designers connect and where recruiters seek quality human resources. This will be a very useful address for you. Trust me!

3. Lovely Package

Link: http://lovelypackage.com

The third address that I am about to send to you will be where you are excited to look and create impressive packaging, want to develop yourself in a certain direction. Brand identity design, “Lovely Package” website will be your favorite place to visit. You will find a wide variety of packaging designs as well as design styles, from food, fashion, soft drinks to book covers … Website design is very easy to use. The interface is friendly, divided by topic or by update time is very convenient for searching. Besides, the information attached to each type of packaging will bring you the story of creative very interesting.

4. Designspiration

Link: http://designspiration.net

The fourth web site in this article is Designspiration. The site was launched in early 2010, developed by Shelby White, a designer and entrepreneur. Designspiration focuses on bringing together inspirational designs from around the world to share with everyone. The collections here are carefully selected and censored before being released to the public, so you can be assured of the quality of the works.

5. The Best Designs

Link: https://www.thebestdesigns.com

The Best Designs is a collection of the best web layout templates. This website receives over 7 million page views per year from visitors all over the world, updating the latest web design trends. This is also where designers look for inspiration for their next work.

If you are looking for a talented web designer for your project, you can also find them here. Freelance web designers and design companies usually have at least one design featured here. Besides, if you want to create your own website, The Best Designs offers some of the best WordPress Themes from their trusted partners. It’s great and useful, is not it?

6. Behance

Link: https://www.behance.net

6 is Behance – a website developed and sponsored by Adobe. Behance was founded in 2006 and is currently the world’s largest interactive website for designers.

Behance can be considered an open social network for everyone, especially for creative designers. With Behance, you can sign up for a job, introduce your work, post your work or simply search for ideas from other designers from around the world.

7. The Dieline

Link: http://www.thedieline.com

The Dieline is the site I want to show off at number 7. Dieline is the most talked about packaging design site in the world. This site emphasizes the importance and value of packaging design for brands in today’s competitive environment. By creating a platform for communities to test projects, learn more about the design process and keep up to date with new packaging design trends. The Dieline encourages designers and brands to speak out on the issues they encounter and to adhere to the highest standards possible.

In addition, The Dieline is also the co-organizer of the annual The Dieline Awards, a global competition that recognizes the best consumer packaging design in the world.

8. Logopond

Link: https://logopond.com

The eighth place in this article is Logopond. This is where “focus” inspirational logo designs from different designers around the world. Logopond is an inspirational place for people to share knowledge and useful experiences from designers.Logopond is not a direct sales page. Copyright of all works is protected by individual designers and if you want to use any images you can contact the author directly.

9. The Book Cover Archive

Link: http://bookcoverarchive.com

The last web page in this article is The Book Cover Archive. If your direction in the design industry is to illustrate the cover of the book, this will be a site you can not ignore. The Book Cover Archive is a collection of book cover designs from major publishers around the world. You can view and search for ideas from here. This bookshelf was edited, maintained by Ben Pieratt and Eric Jacobsen, all book covers here are copyright protected.


 I hope that the above sites will help you in designing the graphics. Each community of each website is a different color in Design, hopefully with inspirational references, you will gradually find your own direction, as well as your designs will always have innovation and full of creativity.


10 tips to help the designer get better

Being a good designer is not easy. You can learn very well in school, understand very well the computer software that supports the graphic design. But that is not enough. Graphic design is a very special job, it requires more than that. And here are 10 tips to help professional designers in the future become better.

1. Improve yourself

By self-learning, enrich yourself with knowledge, skills through tutorials, TUTs, exercises available on forums, websites or video channels (the biggest is Youtube). You will find unique works, very creative ideas, very impressive thoughts, and sometimes you will find what you are looking for, are missing in the design.

2. Invest in yourself

If you have money, look for graphic design courses. Through Advanced Graphic Design courses and degrees, not only to enrich your resume, it also gives you the skills you deserve. Learning more effectively will help you gain more knowledge from previous generations. From there you can figure out what is best for you.

3. Find yourself an advisor

Make a good relationship with the people around you to learn from them. That’s the simplest, inexpensive way, and the things you learn are invaluable. When you encounter a difficult situation, the help from others is very necessary and not redundant. Or sometimes just a tip, a suggestion from them can help you figure out how to solve the problem you are having.

4. Think about a hobby in your work

This is really something you should do. It is very important, but people often “forget” it. When you think about what you like in the workplace, you will always feel good about your work.

For example, you love photography or painting. That is totally useful for your work. It makes people look at you in different ways with the skills they need to accomplish their tasks. Besides, you can also apply the knowledge from your hobby into the design.

5. Challenge yourself

Never be satisfied with yourself. Set yourself a new design goal to accomplish. You will realize that you can completely design many new images or even create a set of your own. Your design ability only grows when you constantly sharpen it, especially when you encounter new challenges, new requirements.

6. Use available resources

The electronics industry is growing rapidly. Besides, there are many different computer softwares that support the design. If you make good use of them, you not only save time but also create extremely subtle and impressive works.

Try something completely unrelated to your work at your desk, like crafting a 3D image or editing a video clip using the tools and resources available. It also helps you relax and inspire the following design.

7. Consultation from friends

Try to consult with your friends when you need more ideas to refer to a problem. They may not be designers, but they have other skills to do well and they can teach you. Unlike advisor (their perspective is the view from the designer), the advice from friends will from a lot of different perspectives. This will give you a broader perspective and cover more issues.

8. A Volunteer

If you have time, try once become a volunteer of community projects. Many of these can help you expand the skills you will not get if you just surround yourself with the design. You will be practicing and working with others. I’m sure there are a lot of good things you’ll find out from this.

9. Enthusiastic with work

If you feel that there is something in your company that you are capable of doing, why not try volunteering for projects that you feel comfortable and interested in? Your enthusiasm and excitement will be appreciated, and you have the opportunity to prove your worth, whether through the creation of a new logo or directing photography. In addition, sometimes you can also find new inspirations, good things for design that you never thought before.

10. Joy at work

Are you having fun working on graphic design?

No one will waste their time for what is not exciting. So, if you are in the process of learning a lot of things, be sure these things really stir up your curiosity.You’ll find them easier to learn, and more importantly, you get the pleasure from graphic design.

6 Reasons that you cannot give up the Passion for Graphic Design.

If you are still hesitant to choose your career, do not read the article below because it just makes you love the Graphic Design career and urge yourself to find it.

1. You can be free to express your creativity

A job where you have the freedom to do what you love, creative freedom to bring beauty, great emotions? Graphic Design is a great opportunity for you to express yourself through creative works. At the same time, you can also learn from your own experiences and experiences by accumulating experiences that are important to designers.

You are free to live, work and earn money from creativity. Evidence that customers just give you the content design, whether with any request, to the end, the idea and creativity is still your own. A job with the main task is to make things look beautiful, more attractive … Is not it great?

2. Many other areas can apply graphics

Graphic Design is the only thing that can do the job of designing, right? If you look around, you will find that most things need to be designed. There are many areas that require creative minds and the involvement of a designer. You can choose to create with familiar works such as Poster, Brochure, Stande or book page layout, magazine, or Layout design for Website, more advanced is to undertake the design of brand identity for a company. All of them will bring great benefits to the skills and experience of a good designer.

3. You will not fear unemployment

Most businesses, both offline and online, need the creativity of graphic designers in their work. Therefore, this is an extremely potential industry for young people passionate about creative arts because the opportunity for you is very much and attractive. If you have passion and talent, you will always be used in any company.

4. You can become a Freelance and live your own life

A unique feature of Graphic Design is that you can make Freelancer, earn extra income after official hours. This is also one of the “occupations” that recruit most freelancers. Besides extra income, this is how you create more challenges for yourself to improve your design skills. At the same time, this is also a way to “market” your name to the potential customers and the premise for the “big” cooperation projects later.

5. You can work freely all the time, anywhere

Design work has a very unique point, you do not necessarily have to fix a place in the office to work. With its own creative design, you can turn any place into a workplace from swimming pools, forests, amusement parks. It is important that you “catch” the emotional waves to create your own design ideas. I’ve met many designers working in a corner of a coffee shop, or sitting under the shade of a big tree in the park … all they carry is a laptop, and sometimes a headphones for enjoying their favorite music.

6. You will find life more interesting, because every day you also encounter new things

Boredom never lies in the dictionary of a graphic designer because of its novelty and constant creativity. You will be assigned different job designs for each project. A new project will be a new opportunity for you to challenge and show your creativity.


Here are just six of the most fundamental reasons and many more reasons to create the interest of the graphic design profession. Why do not you try it and enjoy yourself? Be brave to pursue if you are passionate about it, because life is short, do what you like right now!

Top design trends of 2017

The graphic design industry of the world is developing very strongly, the value of the design not only in the unique idea but also in the way we think about the surrounding elements, what to choose for our products. Get a glimpse of this year’s top design trends and feel the thrill of each design.

1. Bright colors, eye catching

When everyone is so familiar with the typical designs, the color tones are soothing and that no longer creates the attraction. Now, we feel the new masterpieces from the style of color light, brilliant. Indeed, this new design trend will give the product a whole new look and impress the viewer.

2. Color transition

Color transitions always give the viewer a close, pleasant experience. Therefore, the trend of color change has spread rapidly, is everywhere and become the main ideas for the logo, the publication of some major brands. When looking at these products, you will feel the beauty of life, this is a very positive message.

3. Minimalism

Minimalist design is understood to mean “focus only on the main details, as simple as possible. By increasing the white space, reducing focus, focusing on the look of the viewer, minimalist style will highlight the message that the author wants to convey through the picture.

When watching these works, you will get the sophistication, relaxation and extreme humor.

4. Classic combines modernity

Classic design style has been popular since the 90’s and is still selected in designs until today. In a simple way, it is a combination of the old and the new. By constantly changing colors and styles and creative ideas without borders, this trend has been creating a series of unique, fancy and eye-catching designs.

When the viewer admits these works, there will be a lot of emotion will arise in them. Each person will have different emotions. However, all will be beautiful feelings, deep in the heart.

5. Flat design

Currently, shading, embossing, oblique angles and other imaging techniques have begun to fade and give way to flat lines. For the design concept of a brand identity, the flat design will produce vibrant, colorful, ultra modern and artistic products. The flat design will make it easy for viewers to recognize the message you want to include in it, not fussy, no frills, and very effective.

6. Motion picture (GIF image)

Surprisingly, animations are always preferred over the normal or the video. With low capacity, easily transferable anywhere, the animation has created a certain position. Instead of using boring photos, invest a few minutes to create a unique animation. It will certainly attract a lot of attention and convey the message to the viewer in the fullest way.

7. Design by layout

Layout design is not a new trend but has never been less important in design. With the ability to split documents and organize them intelligently, the information is presented in a more scientific, clear and eye-catching way.

Layout design is not just a great management tool, it also makes the design look more professional, and the added value from that is increased.


With what I have shared, I believe these design trends will definitely give you endless inspiration in creation and are great suggestions for delivering fast and effective messages. more effective. Creativity is unlimited, selective and receptive to new design trends that keep pace with the rapidly changing world of multicolored graphics. Do not wait, just shake hands on what you want to do!